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Latex artisan was founded in 2018.Dedicated to collecting and providing interesting products for fetishists.We work with the best fetish studios in China to provide toys for puppys and masters.We pay attention to every detail of our products and provide you with the best quality toys with the lowest price.Latex artisan is one of the most amazing stores you'll ever see.



There is a very very interesting story about Latex artisan.

When I was a kid , about 5 years old, I often fantasize about being tied up, blindfolded and gagged, I don't know what's wrong with me, but I think about it almost every day.And, I am particularly interested in many masks. I'm dying to have my face covered.

And at my 8 years old, once I took part in a school activity to watch a movie, I saw the actors wearing gas masks, I felt something knocking at my heart,. From then on, I was very eager that I could have a gas mask, and also always in the fantasy, there will be a kind of clothing, I can wrap up my head, hands, and feet.


Until I was in high school, my father gave me a computer, I was wandering around the Internet, and I came across latex bodysuits, it was then that I fell in love with it. I'm dying to have a dress like this. At the same time, it was also around this time that I met my boss on the Internet we also didn't know each other then. At that time, he didn't have a studio.But he often Shared pictures and videos. It was also then that I learned I was a fetish.


11 years later, my boss set up a studio and started making latex products. I bought a lot of latex and visited his studio., and we became good friends. and we talk a lot. Until one day, he asked me if I would like to set up a branch to sell his products. I said, oh my god, this is what I've always wanted to do.I've always wanted to share the latex,It brings happiness to my life. It is like the stars in the sky.


So, in 2018, I got his authorization to set up ‘Latex Artisan’ .

This just a story of my fetish life,hope you enjoy.


Thanks and Nice to see you all.


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Rubber Harness-Full Body

189,00 €Price

Customized latex catsuit-0.4mm

179,90 €Regular Price108,00 €Sale Price

One-step molding microporous latex hood-latex mask

49,90 €Price

1.5mm Latex Dog &Puppy Hood with Zip Back

129,00 €Price


199,00 €Price

Rubber Harness - H

49,90 €Price

D-LAB Electro Power box

59,90 €Price

Rubber dog tail harness

89,90 €Price

Customized Latex Catsuit (Radical Rubber brand latex fabric)-0.4mm

199,00 €Regular Price175,00 €Sale Price

New Product

Full body rubber harness - 7 piece

450,00 €Price

Full body rubber puppy harness - 2 piece

199,90 €Regular Price179,91 €Sale Price

Rubber Harness-Full Body

189,00 €Price

Collar - Rubber

52,90 €Regular Price47,61 €Sale Price

Arm ring - Rubber

52,90 €Regular Price47,61 €Sale Price


199,00 €Price


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