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Hunter Armor set-Rubber

Hunter Armor set-Rubber

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The suit was inspired by medieval hunter leather armor.  Well, it comes from leather armor in medieval games.  It also incorporates elements of a BDSM sling to make the outfit special.

  Each part of the armor can be individually locked and removed, allowing for more freedom to be paired with other items in the store.

To make the suit look nice, we considered 5 color combinations (there are also plain black versions).
 ​​Meanwhile, the dog paw logo on the chest can be customized freely, but it should not be too complicated.  I think a typical personal logo would be simple and generous, right?
  So if you want your Hunter armor to look more personal, you can provide your favorite logo in your email at no extra cost.
 If you are interested, please place your order.  And the relationship · detailed Titania · fill in your data.  Each suit of armor is custom-made, so he's gonna

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