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Neoprene Pup Hood Mark-02A

Neoprene Pup Hood Mark-02A

SKU: 09-03-001

Neoprene Pup's Mask

We designed this product base on the doggy needs. The one bit of feedback we consistently get is that the gear should be a bit more like the pups: versatile, rambunctious and free. Made of durable and soft to the touch neoprene. It makes this muzzle more an extension of a pup's human face than a simple mask. Bite on the tongue brace to move the mouth up and down. Operation of the muzzle's mouth gives a definite "Rooby Roo" effect to anything puppy says. Easy to clean means pup can sniff anywhere, get wet and messy and get into his special headspace anywhere. Neoprene gives a playful wiggle to the ears. The forgiving material also shapes to fit your glasses. No more having to go into the pit blind. We just have one caution to pups out there: all the other pups are going to be mounting you the second you put it on. Be prepared to scratch, nip and howl. 


  we need 2 or 4 weeks to make it


     If you have any questions about the product, please leave me a message because of the time difference. I may not be able to reply to you immediately. I will reply to you as soon as I go online We will send the DHL express product to anywhere in the world within a week If the product has quality problems, please contact me immediately. I will immediately arrange the return and replacement for you

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