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Latex-Butterfly Mouthgag

Latex-Butterfly Mouthgag

This is a very soft mouth plug made of neoprene rubber and latex.
The stopper is made of neoprene rubber, which is very soft and comfortable. It can fill the whole mouth, even if it is worn for a long time, there will be no discomfort.
The headband is made of 0.4mm latex sheet, which is very elastic. It can stick to your head without any discomfort.
And if you wear a latex mask you'll notice that it sticks to your mask and it's like it blends into the mask, and it's beautiful.

The product is uniform, suitable for head circumference from 56cm to 61cm


Production time: 1 or 2 weeks

    $59.90 Regular Price
    $53.91Sale Price

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