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Customized Latex Catsuit (Radical Rubber brand latex fabric)-0.4mm

Customized Latex Catsuit (Radical Rubber brand latex fabric)-0.4mm


Please click on Data table link download the form.


1-This product is made with Radical Rubber brand latex fabric,Thickness is 0.4 mm.


2-The product is a fully customized product, tailored to each customer's physical data, so after you place an order, our customer service will send an email to you with a data sheet. Please fill in your physical data as shown in the form (please note: please fill in the real data, do not arbitrarily increase or decrease the data, so as not to affect the finished product)


3-If you have other customization needs for your suit (such as a peice-gloves or a peice-hood to your clothes), please let us know by email and we will price to you and guide you to purchase.


4-when you confirmed your order and filled out the form and sent it to us, we will begin to make your order and which will take about 2 weeks to made your suit.


5-After the production is complete, we will package your product (in blank confidential packaging) to the courier company, they will deliver the package to your hands within 12-15 days (depending on your country and The delivery time will vary depending on the region)

    $269.00 Regular Price
    $249.00Sale Price

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