1-This product is made with thickness is 0.4 mm. Radical Rubber brand latex fabric,Thickness is 0.4 mm.

2-This product is completely customized, according to the size provided by each customer, so after you place an order, our customer service will send you an email with a data sheet.Please fill in your data according to the form. Please be sure to fill in the real data. Do not change your data at will to avoid affecting your toys.

3-If you have any other customization requirements for toys, please let us know by email, we will price and guide you to purchase

4-After you confirm the order and fill in your data and send it to us, we will start to make it for you, which will take about two weeks to complete.

5-After the production is completed, we will pack your toys in secret and send them to the express company. They will be delivered to you in about 2 weeks (the specific time depends on the country).

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