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D-LAB Electro Power box

D-LAB Electro Power box

This is a powerbox that you've never seen before and it's going to change the way you think about powebox


D-LAB Electro Power box

Important: This power box is only suitable for all kinds of accessories sold in this store.


This is a portable electric shock powerbox with a main unit size of 9.5cmx5.5cmx1.5cm and a weight of 150g.


The powerbox body is made of metal and is charged by usb. The charging time is about 2-3 hours. When fully charged, the power can be used for 20 hours.






Powerbox is powered by mobile phone or pad. When the powerbox is powered on, it only needs to open the Bluetooth switch of the mobile phone or pad to automatically connection. One mobile phone or Pad can only connection to one powerbox. It will not appear In the connection list of other mobile phones or pads when the powerbox  has been successfully connection. so , if you wanna use two powerbox at sametime, you need two mobile phone or pad


Currently, the powerbox's APP only supports Android phones, and the operating system is version 5.0 and above.We will provide software update services.


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